Facing our demons and personal ghosts:

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Who are your ghosts? Who are the demons which torment you? Questions many ignore to answer and decide to avoid. The most important thing in the process of facing the ghosts themselves is to recognize they exist. To know they are here and will always come back to haunt us. When they haunt us, they do it through our traumas and disappointments, and most of times we do not know how to deal with them and we surrender to the frustrations these appearances cause to us.

The best thing to do is to let these ghosts hidden within our souls become known. Therefore, allow us to recognize they never will disappear from our lives. We must learn to deal with such and at the same time be prepared psychologically for the time when they visit us. Never surrender; never bend to the return of your own traumas. We must learn to exercise our spirituality and through it; we will be ready to the conflict between our personal demons and ourselves. No matter your religion or belief. Make no mistake, our ghosts exist and visit us mostly when we are not ready for them.

The best thing to do during these encounters is to resist the pain, frustration or sadness at the time such ghosts visit us. Do not kid yourself, they always come back. But the most important thing during this process is to know that, yes, they return but we know how to face them. So my friends do not be afraid. Be brave and show the strength within you. Your inner strength is what allows you to get up every day breathing. As I said before in many of my reflections, you are life in movement, energy that supports your own self-improvement in this journey we call life. With ghosts or inner demons, never forget that you are and always will be the only one able to tame such appearances.

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  1. Never surrender..I second that.
    I believe one needs to confront the ghost and defeat it. that will eventually lead to peace.

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