Journey towards existence !

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The Chains of Attachment

Why are we carrying all these tags with us – the tags of hatred, anger, jealousy, envy, broken relationship, fear and ego? Why do we carry the unnecessary feelings and emotions? Why is it so complicated to understand that our existence is just the matter of letting free of our self from all these tags, letting us free from all that weigh you and me down. When can we let ourselves free?   Only in that moment when we realize that the truth of our existence doesn’t depend on any of our tags.  The journey towards my existence. The art of self-realization.  Where, human emotions and attachments won’t count anymore. Everything around us is an illusion! Let’s break the vicious cycle of illusion.

4 thoughts on “Journey towards existence !”

  1. Some would call that selfish.. Some would say that’s how you escape. Being free is one thing but your existence as you put has a purpose. Its how you journey.

    We all die alone and free in the end. There is no cycle.

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