Realizing the world as it is.

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Many suffer for not realizing the world as it really is. We live our lives by running the daily risk of falling into a vicious circle that we designed to an existence that is doomed to superficiality. We don’t need to understand the things that one way or another directly affect our walk. It is important to realise that not always a reflection of the reality we live in really is accurate. During this process, many times we want to see the world and anything the way that we have. Error that leads us to a deep existential crisis, be it conscious or unconscious. The process in which the external reality, that is, that we see and feel is received and interpreted by us not always reflects what the life and its diverse processes really represent. Unfortunately not always during this process of decoding of reality and understanding of their existence is processed in a way true to what she really is in a suit. That failure of assimilation we all run the risk of going through her. In fact may trigger a existential crisis not only but also lead us to a vicious process in which the depression blooms as a result.
Therefore, it is of paramount importance that we understand that not always a reflection of the reality of the outside world in which we live is reliable. Many times can we get this wrong decoding and in our subconscious receive an incorrect image of what really the world and the existence is. Try to see the world as it is in a suit. Or at least with a dose of objectivity which is one of the important toppings in the process of interpretation of our reality and existence as individuals. Remember that the essence of the above our existence that this dichotomy builds of an important way what we are what we will be.
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