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My Visit to Al’ Massage, Wellness and Fitness.

I know Alween Varghese, as one of the best massage therapist and fitness professional in town. There is no doubt in his ability to do magic using his hands to relax and revitalise us to a new human experience. But this time, it was something different, The Raindrop Technique. I came to know about raindrop technique through Al. Raindrop Massage, the name itself was unique and new to me.

I was curious to know more about it, so like everyone I did my part and Google came to my aid. A technique developed by Dr Gary Young. A combination of therapeutic essential oils, capable of transforming both the physical and emotional state of every human being. Articles on raindrop technique say it can help us to boost our mood, energy, vitality, improve our immune system and detoxify our body. Yes! I was impressed from what I read about it, but I was doubtful and I decided to give it a try.

As always, days are busy with work, deadlines and other daily chaos. At that point was my mind and body was pushing so hard to keep up with the demands of daily life. That’s when I went for my first session of raindrop massage. Today I am writing this after finishing my second round of raindrop massage last week and wanted to share my experience over here. I was absolutely impressed by my experience before, during and after the session.

Al’s studio always makes me relaxed. I went in tired and stressed. As usual, he explained me the process and asked me about my back pain, which was much better after my last massage session with him. The therapy started and to my surprise, I slept off as soon as the oil dropped on my back. When Al woke me up after the session and I started to experience a difference all over my body.

Litres of water, that’s all that I needed for the next 12 hours. I could feel that my body was getting rinsed and washed. Even though my body was emitting a tremendous amount of heat, I slept well that night due to severe fatigue for an unknown reason. In the morning, I woke up as a new being. Yes, the raindrop massage was able to detox my whole body throughout that night, each cell in my body was experiencing the new environment around it. I have no words to explain my experience but I am sure I woke up as a completely different person. Fully relaxed and filled with positive energy.



Literature mentioned that each person experiences the raindrop technique in different ways. Where my second session with Al proved that the same person can have a different experience during different sessions. A totally new experience for my body, except the fact that I fell asleep during my second session too, everything else was different. My body reacted at a different dimension this time. It was my intestine that was getting flushed. Like the first session, I was not drinking much water nor feeling fatigue, instead, my whole body took it in a different way. I am not able to put my experience in words, we have to experience to understand the flow of energy and changes that are happening at the level of our mind and body. To my surprise, my muscles were super relaxed and easy to move. If during my first session, raindrop technique was able to act on the cellular level, the second session worked on with my stiff muscles. Maybe that’s the reason my bowel movement was super cool for the next two days.

I am sure that each time I went in for a raindrop session I was tired, stressed and lost but came out as a new being. I can still feel the flow of energy, relaxation and calmness in the level of my body and soul. The same way we recharge our cell phone, I recharged myself twice with the raindrop technique from Al’s Massage, wellness and fitness studio.

Raindrop technique is different from all the other massage that I had till now. Even when I write this, I can experience the energy flow through each individual cells in my body. Yes! my muscles hold the memory of the raindrops. I am totally impressed by this delightful technique and will recommend everyone to give it a try.

Each of us experiences Raindrop massage in a unique way. For making an appointment, please follow the link below.


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