Learn to drive, both in life and on the road.

Grow by sharing


He was teaching us to drive safe, both on the roads and in life.

18, the number that enables us to get the legal authority to drive in India. The day when dreams meet us on the roads. I can still feel the excitement that I had when I got the license to drive. Every road is new and every decision that we make were crucial till they become muscle memory and our muscles took over the situations and let over brain relax. By practice, we became good at driving.

My father believed that it is better to learn driving from a good teacher, so he took us to this person we all call “Ashan” (teacher), who owns his own driving school and he was one of the first people who learned driving in India. A happy person in his 60s with lots of stories to tell, that’s how I like to remember him – the man who teaches through his stories. The stories always end up with some good advice about driving, for 18 years old, now as I grow older, I understood that these stories Ashan narrated were filled with wisdom that was helpful not only on the road but also during the hard times in life.

Here are some of the wisdom that he shared with all of us during our training sessions. Let me share few with you guys and how I related my real-life experience to it.

“When you are nearing a blind curve on the road, imagine that a speeding truck or a bus is coming from the other side towards you so that we can prepare”.

Even though those words look simple, when we bring that scenario into situations in real-life, it resonance to my ears as, every decision that we make in our life should be analysed carefully, so that you can understand all the outcomes that it can bring into your life, learn both positive and negative side of the outcome, it will prepare us, so that we can control how it is going to impact us and the people around us.

The thought that you are an excellent driver is like inviting accidents on your way.

By this sentence, he was asking us to control our ego, which will never bring us any good to this life.  On the other hand, if we can stay humble, you will be able to see the new opportunities that will help us to grow as a better person and progress towards our goal.

To the end of my training, Ashan told me “Remember, no one can ever become an expert driver because each moment on the road is a new situation, you can only use your previous experience and knowledge to make that situation safer”. Yes, every second in our life is a new opportunity, make it a memorable moment. Use your experiences from the past to make this moment beautiful.

The more miles I cover and the more breath I take in, the wisdom in that words unwrap itself in front of me.