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Para Pensar

Na vida existem algumas coisas que são repetitivas. Há aquelas que sempre voltam como fantasmas para atormentar-lhe a alma. Alguns destes fantasmas perseguem sua linhagem para sempre. Mas existe algo mais importante em todo este processo de revisitação, é o poder da decisão. Nunca se esqueça que você sempre o terá. De tempos em tempos alguns destes fantasmas nos visitam. Se libertam de dentro de nossa cripta bem no fundo de nosso inconsciente. Não há como controlar tal fenômeno.

Durante tais 12523180_1763543833874847_5884447854435000962_neventos, devemos aprender que estes fenômenos sempre nos acompanharão ate o fim de nossa existência no mundo dos vivos. O simples ato de ser verdadeiro consigo mesmo e reconhecer que tais fantasmas nem sempre são nossa obra prima e muito menos criados de forma individual. Ao contrario, tais entidades na maioria das vezes são desenvolvidas dentro do inconsciente coletivo de sua arvore genealógica. Uma herança que se transfere ao seu subconsciente antes mesmo de sue próprio nascimento.


Portanto, vivemos muitas vezes uma vida reprimida e nos vestimos de tantas mascaras e “personas” que perdemos a essência mais simples marcada em nosso DNA: A capacidade de resistir e sobreviver. Preferimos viver condenados a códigos morais e praticas culturais que quase sempre cooperam a um desmembramento profundo de nosso poder de decisão.

Não culpe os seus demônios e fantasmas. Eles sempre existiram e possivelmente continuarão movendo-se entre uma geração e outra. O importante é saber que entre você e “eles” sempre estará sua decisão. Respeite a si mesmo, explore as possibilidades, voe alto, seja a própria felicidade encarnada. Não se deixe julgar pelos parâmetros falidos. Viva, escolha seus passos mas sempre respeitando sua própria essência.

Um beijo a todos!


Iraq to US, as a Refugee!

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Wal-Mart is not my usual shopping destination. But today I hopped into the bus that was heading to the Walmart. My idea was to grab some stuff from Walmart and catch the next bus home. Don’t know why I did that, maybe just for the change of the regular scene that Kroger gave me. I don’t know! I picked up few cookies and chocolate ice-cream, as usual, to relax from the stressful environment.  Walking towards the bus station itself was unimaginable, due to the chilling cold and on top of that, I forgot my windbreaker. Reaching the bus terminal was a big relief from the chilling cold wind hitting directly on my face.




OH! DAMN I just missed the bus and the next bus will take an hour to come. Weekend special! Hmm! I became disappointed. How can I miss that bus? What did I do? I wish I had a car now. Thoughts and emotions started running down my mind. I looked around to see my fellow riders. Everyone was tired and irritated due to the cold weather.

In the midst of everything, I saw a  5-year-old girl with such a beautiful and peaceful face. I was surprised. She smiled at me, without any resistance I smiled back at her and suddenly she handed over her toy to me.  An invitation to play with her. While I was playing with that little girl, I suddenly noticed that she doesn’t even have proper clothes to protect herself from the cold, neither do her mother nor her brother, who was sitting quietly on the bench. I noticed that the boy had a pleasant face with complete silence in his eyes. It bothered me and I looked at their mother, a woman who was enjoying that moment, with an infinite peace in her mind. Seeing me playing with her daughter, the mother started talking to me, she looked happy with her life. I don’t think the bad weather bothered her.

She said, ” we came here 6 months ago from Iraq, as refugees and everything is so peaceful here, I have a life. Back in Iraq, everything was chaos”. She explained it using the little English she knew. I was able to see the happiness in her words and eyes. Such a pleasant experience for me. I listened to her for an hour, the cold nor the wind was able to bother me anymore. She pulled me into her happiness of the present and helped me realize that hard times won’t stay.

Look at her, she doesn’t have a car or a house of her own still, she was happy with the small rented apartment and a minimum wage job. I am sure most of us are never satisfied with what we have or had but for her the fresh air to breath and the peaceful atmosphere that this country was able to offer her was everything.

“The happy faces of my children make my day, that’s what I care about”, she said. I boarded the bus and there she is, with that smiling face, in that cold, waiting for her bus to come. I was able to find a sense of peacefulness in me and everything around me. What a day it was, I said to myself while I was writing this.

We all are lucky to be born in this world and what matters is that, are we able to enjoy this moment. Let it be hard or soft on you. Let it knock you down. Did we learn something from it? That all what is going to matter. Like that mother of the little girl, we all should learn to enjoy being in this moment and that will teach us everything we want to learn.


Vitality Through Raindrop Technique.

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My Visit to Al’ Massage, Wellness and Fitness.

I know Alween Varghese, as one of the best massage therapist and fitness professional in town. There is no doubt in his ability to do magic using his hands to relax and revitalise us to a new human experience. But this time, it was something different, The Raindrop Technique. I came to know about raindrop technique through Al. Raindrop Massage, the name itself was unique and new to me.

I was curious to know more about it, so like everyone I did my part and Google came to my aid. A technique developed by Dr Gary Young. A combination of therapeutic essential oils, capable of transforming both the physical and emotional state of every human being. Articles on raindrop technique say it can help us to boost our mood, energy, vitality, improve our immune system and detoxify our body. Yes! I was impressed from what I read about it, but I was doubtful and I decided to give it a try.

As always, days are busy with work, deadlines and other daily chaos. At that point was my mind and body was pushing so hard to keep up with the demands of daily life. That’s when I went for my first session of raindrop massage. Today I am writing this after finishing my second round of raindrop massage last week and wanted to share my experience over here. I was absolutely impressed by my experience before, during and after the session.

Al’s studio always makes me relaxed. I went in tired and stressed. As usual, he explained me the process and asked me about my back pain, which was much better after my last massage session with him. The therapy started and to my surprise, I slept off as soon as the oil dropped on my back. When Al woke me up after the session and I started to experience a difference all over my body.

Litres of water, that’s all that I needed for the next 12 hours. I could feel that my body was getting rinsed and washed. Even though my body was emitting a tremendous amount of heat, I slept well that night due to severe fatigue for an unknown reason. In the morning, I woke up as a new being. Yes, the raindrop massage was able to detox my whole body throughout that night, each cell in my body was experiencing the new environment around it. I have no words to explain my experience but I am sure I woke up as a completely different person. Fully relaxed and filled with positive energy.



Literature mentioned that each person experiences the raindrop technique in different ways. Where my second session with Al proved that the same person can have a different experience during different sessions. A totally new experience for my body, except the fact that I fell asleep during my second session too, everything else was different. My body reacted at a different dimension this time. It was my intestine that was getting flushed. Like the first session, I was not drinking much water nor feeling fatigue, instead, my whole body took it in a different way. I am not able to put my experience in words, we have to experience to understand the flow of energy and changes that are happening at the level of our mind and body. To my surprise, my muscles were super relaxed and easy to move. If during my first session, raindrop technique was able to act on the cellular level, the second session worked on with my stiff muscles. Maybe that’s the reason my bowel movement was super cool for the next two days.

I am sure that each time I went in for a raindrop session I was tired, stressed and lost but came out as a new being. I can still feel the flow of energy, relaxation and calmness in the level of my body and soul. The same way we recharge our cell phone, I recharged myself twice with the raindrop technique from Al’s Massage, wellness and fitness studio.

Raindrop technique is different from all the other massage that I had till now. Even when I write this, I can experience the energy flow through each individual cells in my body. Yes! my muscles hold the memory of the raindrops. I am totally impressed by this delightful technique and will recommend everyone to give it a try.

Each of us experiences Raindrop massage in a unique way. For making an appointment, please follow the link below.


What do you have?

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The mind asked me, what do you have to give?

Love is all I have, I replied with a surprise on my face.

With the realization that I am living in a world where the love, in its’s form, is shaken and broken by the superficial identity, that was bestowed upon it by the human ego. My eyes were not able to believe the extent of this damage, that we humans ending up running behind something that was artificially created by us, to satisfy our greed and ego. We named it Love! I am surprised to see how pure love has been manipulated into something that can cause harm and hurt to the fellow being.

My eyes were not able to believe the extent of this damage, that we humans ending up running behind something that was artificially created by us, to satisfy our greed and ego. We named it Love!

I am surprised to see how pure love has been manipulated into something that can cause harm and hurt to the fellow being or to the so-called loved ones.

Love is all I have!
Love is all I have!

The strange reality is that, without perceiving the real meaning of it, we have passed it to our younger generation and they will pass it to generations to come. Creating a situation in which, the millennials and post – millennials will be running behind the modified version of love. Like the blind man in a dense forest. Without even realizing what is meant by love or its origin.

It’s high time for we humans to realize that the pure essence of Love is within us and we have to look back into yourself to find it.

Love is all we have!

Love is all I have!


Infinite Source.

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In the Infinity, it says, wheretouch-of-infinity1600x1200-by_gucken the hidden message lies.

Where I left my focus on, with nothing in my mind.

Only you and only you I see, In the spectrum of infinity.

To whom I bow down, for the Infinite wisdom.

Where it all lies, In the Infinity!

The Two Faces !

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I found myself in between the two faces of existence. The human and the spiritual existence. It was when the human in me was struggling to survive, whereas the spiritual existence in me was enjoying the air that I was breathing. Which one is me? I asked myself and to my surprise, I was asked to choose it by myself.

How will I chose it, when my existence as a human drive me towards this world and it’s pleasures in a force that is greater than my will to be in the spiritual world.

Who should I choose, the human existence that is filled with pleasure, suffering, ego and struggle etc or the ultimate happiness and a blissful living?

It was left for me to choose, for me to choose!

It was left for me to choose, for me to choose!

Why can’t we live in the Present?

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The magic of living in the present was forgotten in the past!

Many of us, including myself, like to live in the world that the don’t exist. The world that was either in our past nor in the future  I cannot blame me nor any of us who has taken the form of human on this planet, as we are designed like that to be in the world of illusion.

Did we create this world of illusion? To run away from the reality that life has to offer we humans? Do you ever felt that the more we become civilized the more we are slipping into the illusion that hides us from the reality? or the modern institution that we call the civilized living should be blamed for not letting us be in the present moment.  Why can’t we enjoy the present? The magic of living in the present was forgotten in the past.

Journey towards existence !

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The Chains of Attachment

Why are we carrying all these tags with us – the tags of hatred, anger, jealousy, envy, broken relationship, fear and ego? Why do we carry the unnecessary feelings and emotions? Why is it so complicated to understand that our existence is just the matter of letting free of our self from all these tags, letting us free from all that weigh you and me down. When can we let ourselves free?   Only in that moment when we realize that the truth of our existence doesn’t depend on any of our tags.  The journey towards my existence. The art of self-realization.  Where, human emotions and attachments won’t count anymore. Everything around us is an illusion! Let’s break the vicious cycle of illusion.

The end is good.

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The end is also good. We must learn to envision the end of things, relationships, friendships, life, youth and many other things. We are indoctrinated to always see the end as something associated with loss and lack of perseverance. The truth or at least part of it is that we must break with our fears and understand that in the end there is always a change of season. Life is made of seasons and we are always traveling from one to another throughout our existence. The most important thing is to enjoy every moment during each journey. To learn to fulfill our mission and to know when to get off and in which season of life to board onto another train.

We should definitely learn to grief the end of things. As it is the main factor on the process of rebuilding your inner self. Through this, you will be ready to experience a new reconfiguration of our emotional and psychological structures. The end is not sign of failure. It is the existence giving you a new mission. A new journey, which you and only you will be able to trail. Do not let fear take over you. If it happens, certainly we will experience a vicious cycle submerging us in an existential neurosis that never ends.

Wherever you are in your journey, remember that you are able to keep going. Always remember life will reveal to you your new mission. Understand that movement is important as well as courage and a new view of things and people. Do not be afraid to leave your train. As human beings, we are all part of each other in a spiritual way. Therefore, when you continue your life in a new trip, part of you will remain in people’s lives, who you have traveled together in in your previous train. A piece of them will become part of you. This spiritual fusion of their life energy and yours make us better individuals. A building process that will produce good to everyone.


Realizing the world as it is.

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Many suffer for not realizing the world as it really is. We live our lives by running the daily risk of falling into a vicious circle that we designed to an existence that is doomed to superficiality. We don’t need to understand the things that one way or another directly affect our walk. It is important to realise that not always a reflection of the reality we live in really is accurate. During this process, many times we want to see the world and anything the way that we have. Error that leads us to a deep existential crisis, be it conscious or unconscious. The process in which the external reality, that is, that we see and feel is received and interpreted by us not always reflects what the life and its diverse processes really represent. Unfortunately not always during this process of decoding of reality and understanding of their existence is processed in a way true to what she really is in a suit. That failure of assimilation we all run the risk of going through her. In fact may trigger a existential crisis not only but also lead us to a vicious process in which the depression blooms as a result.
Therefore, it is of paramount importance that we understand that not always a reflection of the reality of the outside world in which we live is reliable. Many times can we get this wrong decoding and in our subconscious receive an incorrect image of what really the world and the existence is. Try to see the world as it is in a suit. Or at least with a dose of objectivity which is one of the important toppings in the process of interpretation of our reality and existence as individuals. Remember that the essence of the above our existence that this dichotomy builds of an important way what we are what we will be.
A hug