Journey towards existence !

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The Chains of Attachment

Why are we carrying all these tags with us – the tags of hatred, anger, jealousy, envy, broken relationship, fear and ego? Why do we carry the unnecessary feelings and emotions? Why is it so complicated to understand that our existence is just the matter of letting free of our self from all these tags, letting us free from all that weigh you and me down. When can we let ourselves free?   Only in that moment when we realize that the truth of our existence doesn’t depend on any of our tags.  The journey towards my existence. The art of self-realization.  Where, human emotions and attachments won’t count anymore. Everything around us is an illusion! Let’s break the vicious cycle of illusion.

The end is good.

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The end is also good. We must learn to envision the end of things, relationships, friendships, life, youth and many other things. We are indoctrinated to always see the end as something associated with loss and lack of perseverance. The truth or at least part of it is that we must break with our fears and understand that in the end there is always a change of season. Life is made of seasons and we are always traveling from one to another throughout our existence. The most important thing is to enjoy every moment during each journey. To learn to fulfill our mission and to know when to get off and in which season of life to board onto another train.

We should definitely learn to grief the end of things. As it is the main factor on the process of rebuilding your inner self. Through this, you will be ready to experience a new reconfiguration of our emotional and psychological structures. The end is not sign of failure. It is the existence giving you a new mission. A new journey, which you and only you will be able to trail. Do not let fear take over you. If it happens, certainly we will experience a vicious cycle submerging us in an existential neurosis that never ends.

Wherever you are in your journey, remember that you are able to keep going. Always remember life will reveal to you your new mission. Understand that movement is important as well as courage and a new view of things and people. Do not be afraid to leave your train. As human beings, we are all part of each other in a spiritual way. Therefore, when you continue your life in a new trip, part of you will remain in people’s lives, who you have traveled together in in your previous train. A piece of them will become part of you. This spiritual fusion of their life energy and yours make us better individuals. A building process that will produce good to everyone.


Realizing the world as it is.

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Many suffer for not realizing the world as it really is. We live our lives by running the daily risk of falling into a vicious circle that we designed to an existence that is doomed to superficiality. We don’t need to understand the things that one way or another directly affect our walk. It is important to realise that not always a reflection of the reality we live in really is accurate. During this process, many times we want to see the world and anything the way that we have. Error that leads us to a deep existential crisis, be it conscious or unconscious. The process in which the external reality, that is, that we see and feel is received and interpreted by us not always reflects what the life and its diverse processes really represent. Unfortunately not always during this process of decoding of reality and understanding of their existence is processed in a way true to what she really is in a suit. That failure of assimilation we all run the risk of going through her. In fact may trigger a existential crisis not only but also lead us to a vicious process in which the depression blooms as a result.
Therefore, it is of paramount importance that we understand that not always a reflection of the reality of the outside world in which we live is reliable. Many times can we get this wrong decoding and in our subconscious receive an incorrect image of what really the world and the existence is. Try to see the world as it is in a suit. Or at least with a dose of objectivity which is one of the important toppings in the process of interpretation of our reality and existence as individuals. Remember that the essence of the above our existence that this dichotomy builds of an important way what we are what we will be.
A hug


Facing our demons and personal ghosts:

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Who are your ghosts? Who are the demons which torment you? Questions many ignore to answer and decide to avoid. The most important thing in the process of facing the ghosts themselves is to recognize they exist. To know they are here and will always come back to haunt us. When they haunt us, they do it through our traumas and disappointments, and most of times we do not know how to deal with them and we surrender to the frustrations these appearances cause to us.

The best thing to do is to let these ghosts hidden within our souls become known. Therefore, allow us to recognize they never will disappear from our lives. We must learn to deal with such and at the same time be prepared psychologically for the time when they visit us. Never surrender; never bend to the return of your own traumas. We must learn to exercise our spirituality and through it; we will be ready to the conflict between our personal demons and ourselves. No matter your religion or belief. Make no mistake, our ghosts exist and visit us mostly when we are not ready for them.

The best thing to do during these encounters is to resist the pain, frustration or sadness at the time such ghosts visit us. Do not kid yourself, they always come back. But the most important thing during this process is to know that, yes, they return but we know how to face them. So my friends do not be afraid. Be brave and show the strength within you. Your inner strength is what allows you to get up every day breathing. As I said before in many of my reflections, you are life in movement, energy that supports your own self-improvement in this journey we call life. With ghosts or inner demons, never forget that you are and always will be the only one able to tame such appearances.

Fabricio Silva



The Mind Speaks

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Just as anyone I was walking in the dreams and I realized that it was not the reality.

The reality was hidden by the darkness around me and the dream always worked well with the illusion that I was travelling in.

It was through the darkness that I found the truth. The truth of  existence.

And this existence was created by a finite line of realization, through which we can walk towards the infinite source.

As I walked towards the infinite source, I realized that the reality is nothing but the self realization of my existence.



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