Understanding Death !

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Death always remained as a mystery in the face of the world. The thought of death itself can bring a spectrum of emotions into our minds, the more I try to understand the invisible truth behind the inevitable death and about its presence around us, it cast a shadow over my present existence as a conscious living being. It brings a sense of fear and anxiety, into the mind, on the other hand, the unconscious understanding of the truth, regarding death gives us a sensation of liberation, peace, and calmness.


The fear and anxiety that are associated with death are caused by the myths entangled in it. Thus, creating a wall that prevented us, humans, to explore the reality. Is this a way to prevent us from exploring the death? Or Is it possible for the human mind to explore the dimensions of death and beyond it? I don’t know. The ignorance towards death and the terrifying ideas that have been passed down through generations has created a sense of conflict between the reality and myths.


In my observation, the fear of death was an artificially inscribed emotion, that is seeded into the human’s minds from the time we gain awareness by the profound influence of the religious system that thrives on fear. A system that was created by a group of people to control the vast majority of the population. Fear of death, the unknown truth, turned out to be the most beautiful weapon that can be used to modulate the human minds and his emotions.


The unidentified death always gave us the freedom to create a realm of our own imagination through which we can assume infinite possibility. On one hand, the religions manipulate that freedom, on the other hand, spirituality gave us the sense of wisdom and the liberation that exist in death.  The significant and insignificant explanations that came up with that infinite possibility created the anxious mind and the mind that quest for knowledge, which manifested into its own forms in our mind – fear or freedom.


My knowledge is limited as anyone of us, but I chose not to fear the death instead welcome the feeling of freedom and liberation that comes with embracing spirituality. Death as the greatest blessing in this world – What a beautiful rumour.  Is it true or will I ever know that truth? Even time won’t exist to tell me the truth, so do I.

Learn to drive, both in life and on the road.

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He was teaching us to drive safe, both on the roads and in life.

18, the number that enables us to get the legal authority to drive in India. The day when dreams meet us on the roads. I can still feel the excitement that I had when I got the license to drive. Every road is new and every decision that we make were crucial till they become muscle memory and our muscles took over the situations and let over brain relax. By practice, we became good at driving.

My father believed that it is better to learn driving from a good teacher, so he took us to this person we all call “Ashan” (teacher), who owns his own driving school and he was one of the first people who learned driving in India. A happy person in his 60s with lots of stories to tell, that’s how I like to remember him – the man who teaches through his stories. The stories always end up with some good advice about driving, for 18 years old, now as I grow older, I understood that these stories Ashan narrated were filled with wisdom that was helpful not only on the road but also during the hard times in life.

Here are some of the wisdom that he shared with all of us during our training sessions. Let me share few with you guys and how I related my real-life experience to it.

“When you are nearing a blind curve on the road, imagine that a speeding truck or a bus is coming from the other side towards you so that we can prepare”.

Even though those words look simple, when we bring that scenario into situations in real-life, it resonance to my ears as, every decision that we make in our life should be analysed carefully, so that you can understand all the outcomes that it can bring into your life, learn both positive and negative side of the outcome, it will prepare us, so that we can control how it is going to impact us and the people around us.

The thought that you are an excellent driver is like inviting accidents on your way.

By this sentence, he was asking us to control our ego, which will never bring us any good to this life.  On the other hand, if we can stay humble, you will be able to see the new opportunities that will help us to grow as a better person and progress towards our goal.

To the end of my training, Ashan told me “Remember, no one can ever become an expert driver because each moment on the road is a new situation, you can only use your previous experience and knowledge to make that situation safer”. Yes, every second in our life is a new opportunity, make it a memorable moment. Use your experiences from the past to make this moment beautiful.

The more miles I cover and the more breath I take in, the wisdom in that words unwrap itself in front of me.

Haiku by The Mind

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The Mind

Haiku poetry comes from Japan. Haiku consists of 3 lines (5-7-5), a total of 17 syllables. The first and last lines has 5 syllables and the middle one has 7 syllables and haiku does not have to rhyme. Here are few haiku by the mind.

In the stream I flow
Into you it is, my love
the infinite you.

It melts into you
when you start to chase your heart
so that you can flow.

I learnt from the heart
It was you, who spoke to me.
Through my heart, my love.

Took the form of fire
came to engulf me in you
left me purified.

Glimpse of the moment
Showed me that, the Universe
Is within you, bliss.

Through you it is
I see the whole universe
my third eyed one.

Myself, the simple
Imitation of you own.
Realization !

That what to set me free from
The boundaries, bliss.

It was the bliss, that
took me to you, like the waves,
From darkness to light.

The light that opened,
my eyes to the dimensions,
beyond the senses.


Your Love!

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Your love is all I see
In the spectrum of this world.
Your love is all what I need,
To fill me with the wisdom,
That the world failed to offer.


Where to find him?

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Manifested into the existence through the creations, is the creator – a fact that was unknown, till I learned to know God’s presences in me and everything around me.

Forgetting that each being is an emulate of one another and the supreme being. We carry the ego of human, leaving behind the soul understanding of his/ her divine existences.  We respect the ego that blind us from reality and not the divine nature in ourself. Thus we create our own wish to suffer in this body which holds nothing but limits us form the limitless.

God himself is the reality that we find in each of us. The only way to accept him and his presence is when your mind can completely embrace that the creation itself is him, in his own form and there is nothing superior or inferior to anyone forms on this universe. He is in us and around us and we exist just because he exist.

The ego that we carry within ourself is not a part of him or us. We collected the ego unknowingly during our journey towards understanding him (the God), which create a false perception that we are safe and offer us a safe place to hide, so we happily surround ourself in the ego. Gradually the ego changes our own illusion/ perception around us or we can say it will take over our ability to visualize the extend to which the creation resembles the creator. The more we collect the ego and carry it with us, the more difficult it become to acknowledge that we are all in one.

As the bubble of ego, that we carry around us, start reflecting our own perception like a mirror towards us, thus help us to build a feeling of superiority within us. This state of being superior makes us think that the bubble (ego) we know is the “GOD” and we are the most superior being in this world. As a consequences we lose the ability to see or understand the magnificent God beyond our ego. The God that is far within us and around us. Is it scary? Yes, it is for me. The strange truth.

The human race is carrying so much of ego to ourself, in such an extend that we are not able to visualize the God beyond our understanding and intellect. Let the ego go and let us find ourself and the God within us and stop crucifying the flesh again and again.

What bible say about ego – click the link below.


To learn Nath Yoga please click the link below:



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Minha reflexão hoje é sobre o tempo. Vivemos muitas vezes sem perceber a implacável consequência que a alienação humana ao tempo nos provoca. Imensurável dano causamos a nós mesmos quando tornamos escravos de uma invenção humana em partes claro. Ma em sua essência não deixa de escravizar-nos. De privar cada alma deste mundo à sua própria sina.
Perdemos um pedaço de nossa existência cada dia que nos escravizamos ao senhor de nossas vidas “o tempo”. Neitzche, Castoradis, Derrida, Deluze e vários outros filósofos trataram o conceito de tempo desconstruindo, reconfigurando-o rechaçando e até mesmo negando. Somos um conjunto de escolhas, que de uma forma ou outra estão subjugadas ao tempo como elemento senão principal pelo menos decisivo dentro do processo de nossas escolhas.
Minha reflexão aqui não se trata das consequências de nossas escolhas, que de fato existem, mas sim na alienação ou melhor dito, na escravidão que nos submetemos ao relógio implacável que mesmo sendo uma criação humana nos aprisiona no processo de desenvolvimento de nossa existência. Minha sugestão é que cada um viva como deseje. No entanto que saibamos que existindo ou não, o tempo e machado impiedoso e sem misericórdia. Sendo ele criação humana ou não. Sendo negado ou desconstruído pela filosofia pós-moderna ou não.
Somos uma folha em branco como já dizia Alejandro Jodowrsky ha décadas. Não deixe que a sociedade e o tempo faça de você mero produto social descartável das prateleiras da vida. Negue o obvio e pratique o real. Não aceite a escravidão das praticas culturais que tentam aprisionar-lhe. Aprenda a ser você e desfrutar tudo ao seu redor. Apegue-se ao real, ao que se sente no coração. Respeite-se a si mesmo. Não se viole tentando viver realidades as quais ainda não esteja pronto. Quanto ao tempo, a melhor coisa é esquece-lo e liberar-se da escravidão. Talvez um texto utópico ou não. Mas nem toda utopia é ruim.


My reflection today is about the weather. We live many times without realizing the consequence that the ruthless human alienation causes us to the time. Immeasurable damage caused to ourselves when we have become slaves of a human invention in parts of course. Ma in its essence is not to enslave us. Deprive each soul in this world to his own fate.
We lost a piece of our existence every day that we have enslaved ourselves to the Lord of our lives “time”. neitzche, castoradis deluze, Derrida, and several other philosophers they treated the concept of time desconstruindo, reconfigurand o-o away and even denying. We are a series of choices, which in one way or another are overwhelmed at the time as the main element, or at least within the decisive process of our choices.
My reflection here it’s not about the consequences of our choices, that in fact there are, but in the alienation or better said, in slavery we bowed to the clock relentless that even being a human creation imprisons us in the development process of our existence. My suggestion is that each and every one to live as you wish. However we know that it exists or not, the time and axe ruthless and without mercy. Being human creation or not. Being denied or deconstructed by the post-modern philosophy or not.
We are a blank piece of paper as already said Alejandro Jodowrsky ha decades. Don’t let society and the time make you mere disposable product off the shelves of life. DENY the obvious and practice real. Do not accept the slavery of the cultural practices that are trying to trap him. Learn how to be you and enjoy everything around you. Cling to the real, to what you feel in your heart. – respect yourself. Don’t violate trying to live realities which is not yet ready. As to time, the best thing is forget it and release yourself from bondage. Maybe a utopian text or not. But not all utopia is bad.


The Smiles!

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Hay sonrisas que no tienen risa
Hay miradas que no tienen nada
Esperanzas que nunca se pierden

Por deseos que siempre se tienen
El camino que da a nuestros sueños
Muchas veces no tienen ni dueño
Sentimientos que son tan profundos

Como un viento de fe en el mundo…



There are smiles that don’t have laughter
There are looks that have nothing to do
Hope you never get lost
For desires that they always have
The path that gives to our dreams
A lot of times they have no owner
Feelings that are so deep
Like a wind of faith in the world…

Fabricio Silva


Para pensar…

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O sentimento de onipotência arcaico arraigado dentro de nosso ego já de tempos de nossa infância insiste em nos revisitar de tempos em tempos. Já aos dois anos de idade nos sentimos invencíveis e capazes de realizar qualquer loucura. Vamos pouco a pouco conhecendo através de nossa existência as derrotas e vitórias ao longo desta viagem. As cicatrizes vão ficando em nossa alma mas elas também nos lembram as boas lutas que demos as contigências do existir. Vivemos neuroses, crises e até sofremos as vezes de eventos psicossomáticos que abalam nosso fisico e espiritual. Somos um todo neste processo e nos tornamos Tudo dentro dele. Interessante é olhar para trás e ver as coisas boas as quais experimentamos e ainda melhor ver as que estão por vir. Nao se esqueça que você é vida em movimento e matéria prima do universo em plena construção. Nem mesmo nós sabemos os desfechos que o amanhã nos brindará. Lembre-se de ser sensível e acreditar em você mesmo. Nunca deixe de sonhar e sempre sonhe seus próprios sonhos.



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Personas {Fabrício}
Personas {Fabrício}


Vivia tentando coomprender as diversas personas as quais se manifestavam através de si mesmo ao longo do dia. Um jogo atrevido com a existência. Um mergulho ao seu inconsciente em busca da revelação de seu próprio espelho existencial.


Lived trying to coomprender the various people which were demonstrating through yourself throughout the day. A cheeky game with the existence. A swim to your unconscious in search of the revelation of his own mirror existential.



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Desconhecido. {Fabrício Silva}
Desconhecido. {Fabrício Silva}

A vida ia passando como se fosse uma viagem infinita… uma dualidade em que os opostos pouco a pouco se fundiam. Uma mistura inconsciente de duas almas que já se conheciam muito antes de tudo existir…viviam presos dentro de seus próprios calabouços psíquicos. A única forma de se reencontrarem era entregarsem ao desconhecido.

Fabrício Silva