Where to find him?

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Manifested into the existence through the creations, is the creator – a fact that was unknown, till I learned to know God’s presences in me and everything around me.

Forgetting that each being is an emulate of one another and the supreme being. We carry the ego of human, leaving behind the soul understanding of his/ her divine existences.  We respect the ego that blind us from reality and not the divine nature in ourself. Thus we create our own wish to suffer in this body which holds nothing but limits us form the limitless.

God himself is the reality that we find in each of us. The only way to accept him and his presence is when your mind can completely embrace that the creation itself is him, in his own form and there is nothing superior or inferior to anyone forms on this universe. He is in us and around us and we exist just because he exist.

The ego that we carry within ourself is not a part of him or us. We collected the ego unknowingly during our journey towards understanding him (the God), which create a false perception that we are safe and offer us a safe place to hide, so we happily surround ourself in the ego. Gradually the ego changes our own illusion/ perception around us or we can say it will take over our ability to visualize the extend to which the creation resembles the creator. The more we collect the ego and carry it with us, the more difficult it become to acknowledge that we are all in one.

As the bubble of ego, that we carry around us, start reflecting our own perception like a mirror towards us, thus help us to build a feeling of superiority within us. This state of being superior makes us think that the bubble (ego) we know is the “GOD” and we are the most superior being in this world. As a consequences we lose the ability to see or understand the magnificent God beyond our ego. The God that is far within us and around us. Is it scary? Yes, it is for me. The strange truth.

The human race is carrying so much of ego to ourself, in such an extend that we are not able to visualize the God beyond our understanding and intellect. Let the ego go and let us find ourself and the God within us and stop crucifying the flesh again and again.

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