Haiku by The Mind

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The Mind

Haiku poetry comes from Japan. Haiku consists of 3 lines (5-7-5), a total of 17 syllables. The first and last lines has 5 syllables and the middle one has 7 syllables and haiku does not have to rhyme. Here are few haiku by the mind.

In the stream I flow
Into you it is, my love
the infinite you.

It melts into you
when you start to chase your heart
so that you can flow.

I learnt from the heart
It was you, who spoke to me.
Through my heart, my love.

Took the form of fire
came to engulf me in you
left me purified.

Glimpse of the moment
Showed me that, the Universe
Is within you, bliss.

Through you it is
I see the whole universe
my third eyed one.

Myself, the simple
Imitation of you own.
Realization !

That what to set me free from
The boundaries, bliss.

It was the bliss, that
took me to you, like the waves,
From darkness to light.

The light that opened,
my eyes to the dimensions,
beyond the senses.