Understanding Death !

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Death always remained as a mystery in the face of the world. The thought of death itself can bring a spectrum of emotions into our minds, the more I try to understand the invisible truth behind the inevitable death and about its presence around us, it cast a shadow over my present existence as a conscious living being. It brings a sense of fear and anxiety, into the mind, on the other hand, the unconscious understanding of the truth, regarding death gives us a sensation of liberation, peace, and calmness.


The fear and anxiety that are associated with death are caused by the myths entangled in it. Thus, creating a wall that prevented us, humans, to explore the reality. Is this a way to prevent us from exploring the death? Or Is it possible for the human mind to explore the dimensions of death and beyond it? I don’t know. The ignorance towards death and the terrifying ideas that have been passed down through generations has created a sense of conflict between the reality and myths.


In my observation, the fear of death was an artificially inscribed emotion, that is seeded into the human’s minds from the time we gain awareness by the profound influence of the religious system that thrives on fear. A system that was created by a group of people to control the vast majority of the population. Fear of death, the unknown truth, turned out to be the most beautiful weapon that can be used to modulate the human minds and his emotions.


The unidentified death always gave us the freedom to create a realm of our own imagination through which we can assume infinite possibility. On one hand, the religions manipulate that freedom, on the other hand, spirituality gave us the sense of wisdom and the liberation that exist in death.  The significant and insignificant explanations that came up with that infinite possibility created the anxious mind and the mind that quest for knowledge, which manifested into its own forms in our mind – fear or freedom.


My knowledge is limited as anyone of us, but I chose not to fear the death instead welcome the feeling of freedom and liberation that comes with embracing spirituality. Death as the greatest blessing in this world – What a beautiful rumour.  Is it true or will I ever know that truth? Even time won’t exist to tell me the truth, so do I.